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The Most Pleasant Pheasant Shoots in the UK

Posted on 28th June 2017

Pheasant Shooting Uk Coutts

With the clouds finally lifting and the sun’s rays starting to peek through the greying skies; the British weather is finally on the turn towards long sunny days and warm balmy evenings. And what better way to celebrate than by partaking in some sporting pheasant shooting. 

If you’re looking to enjoy some old fashioned bird shooting this summer, look no further than this list of our favourite estates and parks to help you pick the perfect hunting experience for you.

Enville & Stalybridge Estates

Situated in the idyllic heart of the Cotswolds, the Enville & Stalybridge Estates proudly reside over the picturesque countryside of Shropshire. Boasting 6,500 acres of land, the estate offers an array of terrains and scenery; from rolling hills, to pastoral farmlands to wooded groves, there is an unparalleled range of choice for all guests and all tastes.

Image courtesy of Enville Estate

Brimpsfield Park Estate

A beautiful estate steeped in history, the Brimpsfield Estate has been apart of the Cotswolds for centuries. First imparted by King Harold to one of his most loyal followers following the battle of Hastings, Brimpsfield estate has become as much a part of the Cotswolds as the hills themselves. Home to some of the steepest valleys within the Cotswolds, the estate provides visitors with a wealth of pheasants and wildlife, perfect for gaming. By carefully distributing their birds around the estate, no matter where you venture within the stunning estate, you are sure to encounter plentiful sporting opportunities.

Image courtesy of Brimpsfield Park

Arbury Estate

Standing proudly against the brilliant skyline, Arbury Estate strikes a silhouette that very much echoes the illustrious grandeur of Downton Abbey. Situated in the beautiful county of Warwickshire, the park boasts a magnificent hall and well manicured gardens, not to mention also offering fantastic shoots running from October to January. Although the park may not be as large as others, this close and small park offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy an intimate and  fantastic day out.

Hopton Court

Located at the edge of the Shropshire Hills, Hopton Court stretches over 4,000 acres of land. The park is famous for it’s relaxed and informal approach to shooting, allowing you to unwind and enjoy your day; taking in the breathtaking scenery whilst simultaneously taking advantage of the plentiful range of game and wildlife.

Image courtesy of Hopton Court

Yeaveley Estate

For those just entering the sporting world of pheasant shooting, look no further than Yeaveley Estate. Catering to all ages, occasions and abilities, the estate offers an array of shooting practices, from clay shooting, to archery, to pheasant shoots. Set in the heart of the countryside, Yeaveley offers fun activities and charming accommodation, making it the ultimate weekend getaway for those seeking a little fun

Haddeo & Loyton

Recently joining forces, Haddeo & Loyton have united to cover an impressive 6,000 acres of land across the wild Exe Valley. The wild terrain perfectly captures the heart of British pheasant shooting, offering hauntingly beautiful rural terrains for you to explore.

Courtesy of Loyton

Warter Priory

Upheld as one of the most illustrious shoots in the country, Warter Priory is an estate which all seasoned shooters should make a point of visiting at some point in their lives. Visited by Winston Churchill himself, these 12,000 acres of rolling land offer a luxurious and fully immersive experience for every guest who traverses their lands.

Bettws Hall

The epitome of the sport of pheasant shooting, Bettws Hall is luxury personified, providing visitors with not just a pheasant shoot, but an entire experience. For those seeking something more from their sporting, Bettws Hall is the ultimate retreat. Located around Mid Wales, their numerous ranges and parks are all surrounded by stunning landscapes and opulent amenities, proving that Bettws Hall is a must for all seeking a little luxury in their lives.

Courtesy of Bettws Hall

Salperton Park

One of the prides and joys of Gloucestershire, Salperton Park is renowned in the shooting world for providing guests with a thrilling and exciting shoot experience, thanks to the remarkable game birds that reside within the park. A perfect escape from the worries of modern urban life, Salperton Park is the ultimate country retreat.

Pentillie Castle & Estate

One of the most frequented pheasant shoots in the UK, Pentillie Castle is an extremely popular destination for all seasoned shooting sportsmen, and it’s not hard to see why. Located in sunny Cornwall, the extensive grounds perfectly compliment the regality of the estate’s illustrious castle. Offering both simulated shooting and pheasant hunts, Pentillie Estate caters to everyone’s needs, showing just why it’s held in such high esteem by all seasoned shooters.

Courtesy of Pentillie Castle & Estate

Make sure you’re travelling around these fantastic parks and estates in style this summer by hiring one of our luxury Land Rovers.