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The Billing Off Road Show

Posted on 17th July 2017

Billig Off Road

If you’re a fan of all things Land Rover, then the Billing Off Road Show in Northamptonshire is the perfect place for you to spend your weekend. This festival takes place on 28th - 30th July 2017.

Whether you’re a proud owner of a Land Rover, or you’re fanatical about 4x4s and SUVs, you’ll be surrounded by people who also rave about their love for Range Rovers, and put their cars to the test. These experienced mud-pluggers will share their off road techniques and appreciate the world of the 4x4 and Land Rovers.

This weekend long event is designed for families and Land Rover aficionados with  two challenging off-road courses:

  • The original Riverside Course built over 25 years ago, which is being opened for the first time in a decade since the Land Rover Experience used it

  • The Lakeside Course with its notorious "mud run" built five years later.

What makes these off-road courses so important is that they are heralded as some of the most challenging and thrilling courses in the UK.

Even if you don’t own a Land or Range Rover, you can still go and see some of the leading Land Rover clubs with their enviable display of 4x4s. The grounds in which the Billing Off Road Show is happening on is  also home to the Grange Farm campsite, which has seen thousands of happy campers during the Billing Land Rover Show in Northamptonshire, for over two decades. So, get your camping checklist out and make some memories with your family.

Before 2017, the Billing Aquadrome was home to the Billing Off Road Show. By moving the show to Kelmarsh, drivers will be able to embark on the Land Rover experience track for the first time in ten years. There will also be plenty of Land Rover stands to purchase some Range and Land Rover memorabilia, as well as Land Rover clubs to get involved in. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets here.

If you want to get involved with the Billing Off Road Show, but don’t own a 4X4 then fear not! At Coutts Luxury Car Hire you can rent a Land or Range Rover of your choice, and test its off road capabilities. We’ll sort out the paperwork and even drop and collect the car from your home. Hiring a 4x4 has never been easier. If you’re driving a long distance and camping as well, you can transport your family in comforty with one of our luxury 4x4 vehicles - you’ll even be able to fit in all your camping gear! Get in touch to book your Land Rover hire today.