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The Benefits of Hiring a Range Rover

Posted on 17th July 2017

2016 Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet 01

No matter where you are in the world, Range Rovers are recognised as a sign of true luxury and indulgence. They’re timeless, trustworthy and unbeatable in a number of ways.

Now in its fourth generation, the Range Rover was initially launched in 1970 and continues to impress both its owners and onlookers wherever it goes. From the archetypal Range Rover Sport to the gorgeous Range Rover Evoque, each model guarantees to deliver a driving experience like no other.

Despite their appeal, purchasing a Range Rover is a costly move and can often require further monetary injections due to repairs and general upkeep. This being said, Range Rovers are outstanding SUVs and can often come in very handy for certain journeys and events. Hiring a Range Rover makes for a great alternative and here’s why.

A Figure of Iconic Design

As previously mentioned, the Range Rover’s journey is one that has taken place over a considerable amount of time. The vehicle’s evolution is one which has been influenced by aspects from every corner of the world, reflected in its international popularity.

Its all-aluminium body makes for a super impressive on and off-road driving experience whilst the vehicle’s innovative engine ensures a sublime drive every time. Range Rovers and their superior design also allow for wading depths of up to 900mm - meaning you can get out and about on your adventures, whatever the weather.

Unparalleled Levels of Comfort

All Range Rovers come with the legendary Command Driving Position, placing you in the optimum position for visibility and comfort whilst driving. Whether you’re attending an important meeting in the city or heading out on a family road trip, hiring a Range Rover is the perfect solution.

No Maintenance Commitments

Luxury cars are beautiful but can often cause major dents in our bank balances. With the average yearly road tax of a Range Rover Evoque costing between £30-450, owning one of these glorious vehicles isn’t cheap; simply hiring one as and when you require it is a much more cost effective solution.

No Commitment to Running Costs

It’s no secret that Range Rovers consume a considerably large amount of fuel, bringing with it a high price tag. Models such as the 2013 Range Rover Sport have been reported to average only 33.9 mpg which, for anyone keeping an eye on their spending, can add up over time. Hiring a Range Rover is affordable and temporary - what else could you ask for!

Versatility in a Vehicle

Range Rovers are purpose built vehicles, making them great for long-haul journeys with friends, family and luggage or even special, inner-city events. Although they may not be practical for certain everyday tasks, Range Rovers never fail to deliver and can guarantee a smooth, care-free ride every time.

Are you interested in hiring a Range Rover? Get in touch today to find the perfect Range Rover for you to rent.