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The Benefits of Hiring a Land Rover

Posted on 10th May 2017

Hiring Land Rover Benefits

Land Rovers are the epitome of luxury. Combine the robust body, large tyres, sumptuous upholstery and glistening badge, and you have the ultimate status symbol.

Since initially coming to Europe in the 1970’s, 1989 saw the introduction of the first generation of Land Rovers. 15 years later, the second generation of Land Rovers named the Discovery 3 launched, and in 2017 The Discovery 5 was introduced.

Purchasing a Land Rover is a big commitment, and takes a lot of time, energy and investment to maintain. Short trips will cost a lot in fuel, and sometimes you simply do not have the space to store such a big vehicle. However, hiring a Land Rover gives you the best of both worlds. You get to drive a luxury vehicle without the commitment of maintaining it. Here are the benefits of hiring a Land Rover!

Great Off-Road Vehicles

Whether you’re going on a long drive through the country, taking the family camping or driving through Europe, you need a car that will cope with off-road driving. Rough terrains, rocky surfaces and unkempt grounds will damage a standard car tyre’s tread-depth and suspension - leaving you with a hefty bill when it comes to repairing, or selling your old broken car and buying a new one.

Selling your car can take up to 30 days, if not longer; does anyone really have time for that? No. Especially when you can hire a luxury Land Rover that will be dropped off at your doorstep and is incredibly efficient when it comes to off-road driving. Furthermore, it offers a driving experience like no other, and will fill any driving lover’s insatiable appetite for experiencing new cars.

Insane Levels of Comfort

Land Rovers are renowned for their luxury upholstery. From leather to suede interiors and heated seats, you won’t want to leave the car. Long distance journeys should be enjoyable, and when you hire a Land Rover you will be in ultimate comfort.

You are not Committed to Maintaining the Car

It’s no secret that luxury cars cost more to maintain than standard vehicles - and when a Land Rover costs an average of £412 a time to repair, you’ll be left with a big hole in your bank account. Alongside this, with a Land Rover’s average lifespan being as short as three years, it is a risky investment. However, hiring a Land Rover means that you’ve just got that one off payment and no worries!

You are not Committed to the Costs

Land Rovers are notorious for guzzling gas, taking an average of 22 miles per gallon, with newer car models taking an average of 50 miles per gallon. School runs, trips to the shops and shorter journeys take much more fuel than long haul journeys. Whilst a Land Rover is a glamorous vehicle, it is not always practical for everyday life.

They’re Excellent for one off Trips

Land Rovers are spacious vehicles, which makes them great for one off trips with lots of people and luggage. Once again, large vehicles are not really practical for everyday use, but for road trips, mini breaks, camping trips or driving holidays, they are the one off luxury car that will do the trick!

Interested in hiring a Land Rover? Get in touch today to find the perfect Land Rover to rent.