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Iconic Land Rovers

Posted on 1st September 2017

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From a vehicle fit for the Queen to a car suitable for Bond, there have been numerous iconic Land Rovers over the years. See the full list of quintessentially British Land Rovers...

Series 1 Land Rover 80

When it comes to the Land Rover, there’s no model as iconic or as quintessentially British as the original. The Series 1 Land Rover 80 (or as it was simply known back then ‘The Land Rover’) was a monumental and groundbreaking creation that redefined not only the Jaguar company, but the entire motor industry. Though originally designed for farm work and industry use, it’s adaptable, durable and resilient design instantly caught the attention of the public, and by the end of 1948 (the year of its release), the Land Rover was being exported to over 70 countries worldwide.

Churchill’s Land Rover

As one of the most notorious and famous prime ministers in British history, Winston Churchill was often seen and photographed in his preferred vehicle of choice; the Land Rover. Presented to him as a gift by the company on his 80th birthday in 1954, the Land Rover was designed and crafted exclusively for him, featuring several adaptations made specifically to suit his lifestyle. Including an extended passenger side, fold down armrests, leather handles, foot heaters and a fitted box (installed specifically to fit his tools for his unusual bricklaying hobby). Passed down to his son upon his death, the car was stored in a shed until recent years when the vehicle was sold off at auction for a rousing figure of £129,000.

The Queen’s Land Rovers

When it comes to Britain, nothing is quite so British as the head of state herself, and that’s why it’s no surprise that Elizabeth chose the Land Rover as her vehicle of choice. A love affair that started from a young age, the Queen has long been a car fanatic, becoming  apart of the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service as a mechanic during the tumultuous period of World War II. And this passion for the motoring world has just gotten stronger through the years with her growing car collection, though perhaps one vehicle in particular remains above the rest. Queen Elizabeth II has always had a long standing relationship with the Land Rover, being photographed in a number of important state functions in an array of Rovers. From parades, to public appearances to military events, the Queen popularised the Land Rover, showcasing it to be, not simply a vehicle of practicality but also a vehicle of luxury. Though the Land Rover may have taken a backseat in stately public events in more recent years, the Queen is still often seen behind the wheel, driving around the grounds of Windsor and Balmoral with her family, nearly always accompanied by her faithful Land Rover.

Lara Croft

Featured within the popular Tomb Raider movie of 2000, Land Rover made a name for itself within Hollywood, turning the company from an off road stately car production business into an exciting and thrilling company that produced action motors fit for car chases, physics defying stunts and missions to save the world. Customised and adapted to fit in with Lara Croft’s adventuring lifestyle, Land Rover designed a ‘fantasy’ vehicle that become a key part of Lara’s action packed expeditions. Due to the popularity of the film, Land Rover eventually released a Tomb Raider limited edition of the car, which went on to become the most popular limited edition Land Rover of all time, as the public sought to live out their adventuring fantasies within Lara’s very own Land Rover.

James Bond

As a result of the popularity of the Tomb Raider craze, Land Rover had now made a name for itself as a Hollywood stunt car spectacular, and as such it wasn’t long before the king of action himself was featured saving the world in the Land Rover. In the most recent Bond movie Spectre, James Bond himself was caught up in a thrilling off road chase down snowy mountains in a bid to save his woman and escape the criminal ‘bad guys’ of the film. While the sleek and impressive Land Rover may have been the villains choice of car in Spectre, in the previous film, Skyfall, it was Bond himself who got behind the wheel of the Land Rover, choosing it as his getaway vehicle of choice, making the Land Rover the hero’s car of the motor world.

If you’re looking for a vehicle to make you feel as regal as the Queen, or as suave and daring as Bond, look no further than one of our luxury Land Rovers to give you an unforgettable driving experience like nothing you’ve known before.