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7 of the Best Rock Climbing Beaches in the UK

Posted on 14th August 2017

Beach Rock Climbing

Searching for the best beaches for rock climbing in the UK? Then look no further than our list of 8 unique spots across the country, ideal for thrill-seekers or an adventure-packed weekend away.

Little Fistral Beach

Rock climbing at Little Fistral Beach

Situated in the bustling region of Cornwall’s Newquay lies the popular beach of Little Fistral. Renowned for it’s surfing scene, people flock to this beach from all over the UK to get a chance to ride these exciting waves. But what most people don’t know is how Little Fistral Beach has far more to offer than just killer waves; it’s also a prime location for some high intensity rock climbing. With challenging but thrilling climbs, Little Fistral is the ideal spot for those seeking some adventure from their vacation. Whether you want to catch some waves on the blue Cornish sea, or traverse the rocky cliffs - Little Fistral has everything you'll need for an adventure packed holiday.

Hartland Quay

Tucked away along the coast of Devon lies the quaint and unassuming Hartland Quay. Surrounded by wild countryside and rolling hills, this beach could very easily be looked over by passing travellers. But if you take the time to trek down to this sandy cove, you will uncover the hidden secret of this picturesque spot; for running alongside the water's edge lies a maze of rocks and boulders. Whether you’re an ammateur climber or a commited pro, Hartland Quay has a range of problems and routes to suit every skill level.

Mattiscombe Beach

Rock climbing at Mattiscombe Beach

With soft golden sands, crystal clear aquamarine waters and rolling grassy banks, Mattiscombe Beach looks a scene taken straight from a postcard. Set along the Devonshire coast, Mattiscombe is a perfect retreat for those seeking something a little extra from their holiday. Spend the morning relaxing on the beach while the children paddle in the sparkling sea, before letting your afternoon take an adventurous turn with the vast array of rocky cliffs and boulders offering exciting climbs for every climbing enthusiast. Enjoy the perfect day this summer at Mattiscombe; fun for all the family.

Caswell Bay

Just outside of Swansea lies the coastal treasure of Caswell Bay. Every climber's dream, Caswell Bay offers an extensive array of craggy cliffs and challenging boulders to explore at length. From simple steps, to demanding and difficult routes, Caswell Bay is the perfect destination for rookies and pros alike. And once you’ve spent the morning bouldering along the rocky beach side, why not take a turn on the waves. Popular for its prime surfing location, Caswell Bay is the ultimate British beach for all adventure seekers.


Rock climbing at Dumbarton

Although Dumbarton may not fall under the category of ‘beach’ per say, this prime rock climbing location is so iconic that it could not be missed off this list. Dubbed the bouldering capital of Scotland, Dumbarton is full of world class climbs that require focus and determination to master. Perhaps the most famous of these is the aptly named ‘Dumbarton Rock’, famous for its challenging routes and array of routes. Set alongside the pebbly banks of the River Clyde, Dumbarton rock is the ideal location for hard core climbers who are willing to compromise on sandy beaches in exchange for the thrill of the climb. 

Pednvounder Beach

Widely recognised as one of Cornwall’s most beautiful beaches, Pednvounder Beach is the perfect holiday destination for any occasion. Whether you want to enjoy a family holiday exploring the Cornish coast, or prefer to spend a romantic weekend soaking up the sun, or are simply seeking to indulge in a little you time, look no further than Pednvounder to fulfill all your holiday needs. From golden sands, to exciting rocks pools, to picturesque cliffside walks, there’s never a dull moment here. And for those seeking a little extra thrill from their vacation, Pednvounder offers an extensive and exhilarating variety of climbs to sate every thrillseekers appetite.

Godrevy Beach

Rock climbing at Godrevy Beach

Near the quaint town of Hayle in sunny Cornwall lies the beautiful sands of Godrevy Beach. As one of the most exposed beaches along the northern coast of Cornwall, Godrevy Beach is the epitome of the natural and wild Cornish coast. Perfect for surfing, kayaking and windsurfing, this beach is most known for its water sports. However what most people don’t know is that Godrevy beach is also an optimum location for climbing and bouldering. With an exposed and rugged cliff side, Godrevy provides climbers with the opportunity to explore and enjoy the Cornish coast in all its natural glory.

Porth Ysgo

Set along the Welsh coast, Porth Ysgo is the ultimate vacation spot; the  beach which has everything to suit everyone. Complete with soft golden sands to relax and sunbathe on, clear blue waters to swim and paddle in, grassy hills to walk along, and perhaps most importantly, a multitude of sheer rocky boulders to climb on. With an endless amount of climbs, routes and cliffs to explore, Porth Ysgo is the perfect getaway for those seeking some excitement from their holidays.

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